111: E.E.O.C. and its Affect on Discipline

Program 111 / Episode 11

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The administration of discipline is affected by federal and state laws through which minority groups may appeal the finality of arbitration awards adversely affecting the group.
Unions and Managements should resolve the issues at an early stage to assuage the need to resort to an Agency.
How does a civil rights Agency view the disciplinary process?
Discrimination cases arising out of administration of the labor agreement frequently create grave problems.
Management must consider discipline in terms of the reasonableness of the penalty as well as the spirit of anti-discrimination laws.
Religion: Work hours re-scheduling must be accommodated.
Sex: There are very few cases where a woman can’t do a man’s job.
Race: While not so much a problem area today in discipline, it remains problematic in hiring and promotion.

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Three member panel discussion


58 Minutes


Robert Pizarski, former Director of the Michigan Employment Relations Commission

Management's View

Robert Baily, Management Consultant

Labor’s View

Carolyn Forrest, former Administrative Assistant to the President, UAW