401-1: Live Symposium on Absenteeism

Program 401-1 / Episode 25

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The Various Absence Control Systems
Introduction to the Concept of No-Fault.
Systems Utilizing Progressive Discipline.
Discipline is corrective through progressive penalties.
Operation of the Progressive Discipline System:
The key is application of sound common sense.
Where rules are promulgated, the arbitrator can question of reasonableness
Management’s view of the No-Fault System:
The employer has the right to terminate an employee based upon the attendance record.
Sick-leave and days off are lumped together.
Implementation should be negotiated.
Union’s view of the No-Fault System:
A Management embracing No-Fault treats its employees in a cold blooded manner.
It flies in the face of the principle of progressive discipline and fair treatment.

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A live public symposium on absenteeism conducted by LMDSI in Chicago.


42 Minutes


Marvin Fledman, Labor Arbitrator
James Hellquist, Labor Relations Director, U.S. Postal Service
M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI
James Smith, Industrial Relations manager, Illinois Bell
John Sembower, Labor Arbitrator
Thomas Thompson, National Representative, American Postal Workers