401-2: Live Symposium on Absenteeism

Program 401-2 / Episode 26

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Meting Out Discipline for Absenteeism
Discipline exists as corrective, not punitive, wherein discharge occurs after application of progressive discipline.
In the present day of world market competition, there must be reasonableness from both Management and the Union.
Formulating and Applying Absence Control Rules:
Create well thought-out rules to impress employees with the need for reformation based upon the application of progressive penalties.
Triggering of discipline must be based upon a predetermined number of infractions in a set time period.
Discipline must be applied consistently. Records should include: time cards, disciplinary notice, summary record in graphic form, and notice of absence with criteria for rating.
Doctor’s Certificates:
The certificate must recite a specific factual foundation for the absence.

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A live public symposium on absenteeism conducted by LMDSI in Chicago.


47 Minutes


Marvin Fledman, Labor Arbitrator
James Hellquist, Labor Relations Director, U.S. Postal Service
M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI
James Smith, Industrial Relations manager, Illinois Bell
John Sembower, Labor Arbitrator
Thomas Thompson, National Representative, American Postal Workers