201: Preparation for Arbitration

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Program 201 / Episode 13

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One last attempt at settlement before resort to arbitration, commonly known as “step three and a half”‘, has come into wide-spread usage. At this stage the Parties are more realistic and tend to use their best efforts to conciliate differences.
The three aspects to consider when preparing for arbitration: framing of the issues; witnesses; and the evidence.
Summary Considerations
Objectively appraise the case.
Select credible witnesses who can survive cross-examination.
Define the issue and ascertain the appropriate remedy.
Outline the case presentation with an eye always on the issue.
Consider the ramifications if the case is lost.

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Three member panel discussion


59 Minutes


James Scearce, Labor Arbitrator, former Director of the FMCS

Management's View

James Jaffe, former V.P. for Industrial Relations, Parke Davis & Co.

Labor’s View

Raymond Shetterly, former Director of the Arbitration Services Dept., UAW