402: Control of Absenteeism

Program 402 / Episode 27

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Absenteeism is the habitual failure to report for work.
The Union has an interest to protect resources allocatable to employees who are willing to work.
The Management view is that when employees are hired they impliedly represent they will work.
The Absence Control System:
Absence rules must be formulated and promulgated.
All rules must be reasonable and made known.
The principles of corrective discipline should be implemented by progressively harsher penalties.
Corrective discipline must be designed to apprise the employee of the problem and give time for correction.
After a predetermined period of time, typically 12 to 16 months, the employee’s absence record should be cleaned.

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Three member panel discussion


58 Minutes


Larry Schultz, Labor Arbitrator, former Director of Arbitrations Services, FMCS

Management's View

Thomas Haley, former Dir. of Employee Relations, Detroit Free Press

Labor’s View

John Tadlock, Esq., General Counsel, Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers