106: Theft

Program 106 / Episode 6

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The charge is a serious matter that is an exception to the principle of progressive discipline.
The act of theft, rather than the value of the article taken, is the basis for the charge.
Regardless of value of the article, discharge is warranted on the first offense.
There are cases of “petty theft” involving nominal acts which do not in themselves justify discharge, but this is an exceptional situation.
Investigation is critical.
The accused is usually suspended pending the investigation.
Propriety of Searches
Management has a right to inspect articles coming into and out of its premises.
Entrapment and Surveillance
Entrapment occurs when Management has induced an employee to act and then is penalized for the action.
Cameras are permissible, but evoke emotive responses.

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Three member panel discussion


55 Minutes


M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI

Management's View

Malcolm Denise, former V.P. for Labor Relations, Ford Motor Company

Labor’s View

Raymond Shetterly, former Director of the Arbitration Services Dept., UAW