501: Management’s Rights

Program 501 / Episode 28

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The Management’s Rights Clause gives Management all rights except as otherwise modified in the labor agreement.
Absence of a Management’s Rights Clause in the contract:
There is the concept of inherent Management’s Rights which would be implied regardless.
A benefit of having a Management’s Rights Clause is that particular Management rights are enumerated.
Affect on the Grievance Process and Access to Arbitration:
The extent of Management’s rights is largely determined by the passivity or tolerance of the Union.
Management and the Union each have inherent rights.

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Three member panel discussion


57 Minutes


M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI

Management's View

Geoffrey Glaser, Regional Mgr, of Ind. Rel., Montgomery Ward & Co.

Labor’s View

Howard Coughlin, former Pres., Office and Professional Employees Intl. Union, former Executive Committee Chairman of the American Arbitration Association