105: General Conduct II

Program 105 / Episode 5

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Rules concerning grooming are generally subject to changing appropriateness as society changes.
In the area of safety, rules relating to protective articles are not properly related to more permissive grooming rules.
Employees dealing with the public project an image for the employer which Management may protect.
The phrasing of the rule is important: a rule against sleeping may not cover an employee who claims to have “only had his eyes closed”.
The commonality among sleeping offenses is being off the job. Therefore, a charge of being off the job, aggravated by being asleep, may be supportable.
Generally a blanket prohibition is too broad where there is no money being waged and off or break time is involved.
In circumstances of widespread activity, Management must still be reasonable in imposing curbs.

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Three member panel discussion


59 Minutes


M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI

Management's View

Malcolm Denise, former V.P. for Labor Relations, Ford Motor Company

Labor’s View

Raymond Shetterly, former Director of the Arbitration Services Dept., UAW