208: Actual, Live Labor Arbitration Hearing

Program 208 / Episode 20

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The Company went forward with its opening statement. The grievant was a supervisor and on the executive board of the Union. Each month he attended Union meetings without punching out nor punching in when he returned.
The Union reserved making an opening statement.
The Company thereupon put forward its main case.
The Company called J. Sedor, manager of labor relations, who testified employees were not permitted to work off the clock. After an investigation, the grievant was fired.
The Union cross-examined, asking of the propriety of the notices given the grievant; and of no published rule regarding procedure to go to Union meetings.
The Company called R. Carter, store manager. Mr. Carter said each department head could allot hours.
The Union cross-examined Mr. Carter, who stated some workers were suspended for time card violations.
The Company rested.
The Union put forward its main case, waiving its opening statement.
The Union called the grievant, who stated the assistant store manager knew he was at Union meetings, and that he made up any Union meeting time by working off the clock.
The Company cross-examined the grievant, who admitted his actions were an error in judgment.
The hearing thereupon closed with the Parties agreeing to submit post-hearing briefs.

The Arbitrator’s Award denying the grievance is reproduced in the Guidebook.

Additional information


An actual labor arbitration recorded live as it transpired. The arbitrator's award denying the grievance is reproduced in the guidebook.


58 Minutes

The Parties

Chatham Supermarkets, Inc. represented by attorney J. Shepherd
Amalgamated Meatcutters, Local 539 represented by attorney T. Iorio


M. David Keefe, Founder of LMDSI


Protested discharge of union executive board member for alleged time card violations.