502: Rights of Union Representatives

Program 502 / Episode 29

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The Union’s right of representation of the workforce derives from the NLRA, Section 7 and Section 8, Paragraphs 1 and 2, as well as the labor agreement.
In event of an untoward incident, the foreman should desist questioning an accused employee upon notification by the employee that the steward is wanted.
The steward should be released promptly, work duties permitting.
Generally, a complaint is lodged by an employee, not the steward.
The steward may lodge a policy grievance on his own accord.
Management’s view is the steward is not a “policeman”.
Union’s view is the steward enforces the labor agreement.
The steward has a right to spend a reasonable amount of time with the accused employee.
Right to interview witnesses is based upon reasonableness.

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Three member panel discussion


58 Minutes


M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI

Management's View

Malcolm Denise, former V.P. for Labor Relations, Ford Motor Company

Labor’s View

Raymond Shetterly, former Director of the Arbitration Services Dept., UAW