310-312: Traps and Pitfalls

Program 310-312 / Episode 23

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Program 310: Traps and Pitfalls to be Wary of During Bargaining
There are ten traps and pitfalls to be wary of:
Building and protecting your power base against erosion;
Dealing with your own side and the other side;
Adequate preparation;
Impulses to protect the relationship;
Modifying the contract language by oral understandings;
Trapping yourself when making proposals;
Fact finding and inability to pay assertions;
Statistics; and
Hidden agendas.

Program 311: How to Successfully Make Proposals
How a proposal is formulated determines its acceptability.
Don’t anticipate the other side’s negative response in wording your proposal.
Don’t use confrontational language in your proposal.
When countering a proposal, nudge the other side toward you.
Blunt the other side’s enthusiasm.
Overcome the mutual hazards of the proposal.
Determine what is the kernel of the proposal.
Re-polish the proposal to induce the other side to move.
Do not mislead the other side so as to engender false hopes.

Program 312: How to Extract Concessions from the Other Side
Compromise can turn disagreement into agreement.
Compromise is a form of bartering.
Try to extract concessions before giving anything away.
Ask the other side what you will get out of its proposition.
Use the Socratic Method to get the other side to come to you by realizing on its own the merits of your position.
Never make concessions blindly.
Never let your concessions come easily.

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Three member panel discussion and two lectures.


52 Minutes


310 – J. Richard Dempsey, S.J., Arbitrator, Prof. of Industrial Relations, Univ. of Detroit

Management's View

310 – Daniel DePuydt, former Dir. of Ind. Relations, Sperry Vickers Corp.

Labor’s View

310 – Theodore Valerie, Dir. of Research and Education, American Postal Workers


John Tadlock, Esq., General Counsel, Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union
James Smith, Industrial Relations Manager, Illinois Bell