505: Work Standards

Program 505 / Episode 32

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Work Standards involve the quantification of work efforts by the measurement of time to perform a given operation.
Establishing Work Standards:
Management may unilaterally use work standards to assess its processes.
The determination of work standards is based upon industry methods.
The reason for work standards is to reduce production costs.
Common Issues Involving Work Standards:
There is a degree of subjectivity in setting the standard.
Usually work standards are implemented in situations of a worker controlled pace of operation.
The setting of a pay ceiling can result in down-time for the fast employee with associated problems.
Changes in standards should be by joint labor-management committees.

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Three member panel discussion


58 Minutes


Jack Stieber, Labor Arbitrator, Prof. of Economics, Michigan State University

Management's View

Lester Kramer, V.P. for Employee Relations, Libbey-Owens Ford

Labor’s View

Henry Seroka, Director of Industrial Engineering, Allied Industrial Workers