109: Falsification and Untrue Records

Program 109 / Episode 9

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The charge centers on the supplying of false information or reports, records, etc. The violation may be either a commission or an omission.
The Employment Application:
Employment applications usually contain a statement that if false information is supplied, the employee will be subject to discharge.
During the probationary period, Management may discharge an employee without showing cause; therefore, the discussion centers on issues arising after the probationary period has expired.
Falsifying Time Records:
Falsifying time records (one’s own or another’s) is a form of theft for which the penalty is discharge.
There is a need to show deliberation, not mere negligence, such as forgetting to punch in or out.
Miscellany of Acts:
In production counts involving work standards, the charge may be leveled even if no actual loss is encountered.
Falsification of receipts subjects the employee to discharge.

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Three member panel discussion


60 Minutes


M. David Keefe, Labor Arbitrator, Founder of LMDSI

Management's View

Malcolm Denise, former V.P. for Labor Relations, Ford Motor Company

Labor’s View

Raymond Shetterly, former Director of the Arbitration Services Dept., UAW