206: Conducting Cross-Examination of Witnesses

Program 206 / Episode 18

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Lecture by Mr. Sachs:
Cross-Examination occurs after the other side has used the witness to enter their proofs.
Cross-Examination is used to get admissions favorable to your case and discredit testimony unfavorable to your case.
Be methodical, but not over zealous.
Cross-Examination favors leading the witness.
Phrase questions so that they require yes or no answers.
Don’t ask questions unless you know what the answer will be.
Lecture by Mr. Saxton:
Cross-Examination can be especially useful to damage a witness when documents are available to contradict the testimony on Direct.
Try to anticipate what witnesses the other side will call, and make a skeletal list of questions for each.
Ask friendly questions at first to get the witness off guard.
As for your own witnesses, prepare them for cross-examination by telling them what to expect.

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56 Minutes

Management's View

William Saxton, Esq., Butzel, Long, Gust, Klein & Van Zile, P.C.

Labor’s View

Theodore Sachs, Esq., Sachs, Nunn, Kates, Kadushin, O’Hare, et al, P.C.